Mike Ayres

ShutterShot Photography is the copyright name for the photographic work of Mike Ayres. I'm a West Londoner born and bred and for the past thirty years I've live in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire where I'm a member of 'Newcastle Camera Club' (Newcastle-under-Lyme).

I didn't take up still photography seriously until late in life. As an amateur, I don't really specialise in anything particular, I enjoy all forms of digital art, I shoot in Colour as well as Monochrome, I have eclectic in choice of subjects and shooting style: macro, wildlife, forest and rugged landscapes, urban and nature in general. I suppose anything in that moment in time that grabs my attention!

I've used a Fuji S8000 in past and still use it today but I predominantly use a Canon EOS 80D body with either 18-135mm or 70-300mm lens. I edit my images using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop cc 2019 and Bridge.

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